DEXTER – Pop-Up Marketing

10 10 2008

These Pop-Up news stands were installed in high-traffic areas for 2 days in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Fransisco.

It was created by the advertising firm Pop2life. It’s tough to miss what they are trying to promote.


Oasis NYC Street Performer Promotion

10 10 2008

To promote their new album “Dig Out Your Soul”, Oasis taught New York City street musicians unreleased tracks off the album, seeding it across the city.

I like this idea for several reasons:

1) It creates a win-win between the performers who get attention and income and the band that gets people excited about their new music.

2) It taps into something that no “free-download” promotion can do: people love live music, and people love when other musicians interpret music giving it their own feel and spin. It adds an appealing dimension to the story.

3) It has transparency. If Oasis had chosen to hide the fact that they were behind it and the musicians lied and said they did this on their own love of the new album – fans and consumers would have felt duped and upset about it. Instead – there is a clear intention which keeps the story honest.

4) It has great viral capabilities. The video we posted documents the process, but if you go to youtube, there are lots of videos of full performances of individual songs start to finish. This increases the rate at which this spreads awareness and interest.

Nintendo Wii Promotion Partnership with YouTube – Awsome

23 09 2008

Play this clip by clicking on the image – very cool marketing partnership.

Bands and Brands – The Kruger Agency

19 09 2008

For those who aspire to have such powerful brands that people can’t help but sing their praise in pop-music, there may be a short-cut. Since 2006, The Kluger Agency has been coordinating “brand-dropping” in music and other forms of pop entertainment.

“Led by Industry Specialists in Research, Branding, Entertainment Marketing, Label Relations, and PR, The Kluger Agency specializes in getting brand names and products in front of large targeted markets by means of relevant yet discreet placement in Chart Topping Songs, Music Videos, and Industry events.”

Would you use this service for your brand? Could it work for any brand?

Retail Marketing – Video Game Experiment

18 09 2008

Click on this link to a informal yet insightful piece of retail marketing analytics.

The author posed as the uncle of a 15 year old and quizzed 100 video game retailers on their recommended gaming system for that age group and the pros and cons of each of the 3 major systems (xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii).

For me, the results are only half the story. The important take away for companies like these video-game console makers that sell through retail channels is the the influence and importance of the employees’ opinion and knowledge. Now this same insight may not carry forward for CPG’s where the purchaser is often the consumer (eg. moms) – but there are many products where this isn’t the case and thus there is a lot of responsibility on the employee to fill the knowledge gap. As a manufacturer – do you step in and train your distribution partner’s staff? As a retailer – do you volunteer to increase the quality of workers by more pay or other incentives? It is a tricky problem that more retailers are having to face as the demand for service goes up.

Historical Advertising Database

17 09 2008

For anyone that wants to take a look at some historic ads from the US & Canada – Duke University has a free, online image database of over 7,000 print ads from 1911-1955. It is interesting to see how far we’ve come – and how some things never change.

Chose Your Own Adventure on You Tube with Samsung

1 08 2008

This is really cool. While You Tube has become a clearinghouse for the world’s video clips for some time…it still registers low on interactivity. I think this idea of chose your own adventure tied in with a strong brand message is only the very preliminary stages of where you tube, video games and moves are all converging. It will only work if I give you the link to the URL – but you will quickly get the idea:

It looks like this was done by some of the good folks at Cossette Communications in Toronto. Nice Job!